Vellum:The Best Formatting Software For Mac Users

Vellum:The Best Formatting Software For Mac Users

Formatting a book yourself can prove to be difficult and tedious, which is why many authors simply hire a professional designer to do it for them. However, not all self-published authors can afford the extra cost of a designer, especially if they have a multi-book series. In addition, many authors prefer to have complete control over the creation of their book, and therefore choose the DIY route irrespective of cost.
Over the years, many tools have been developed to make book formatting easier, among which is Vellum. Available with a free trial, Vellum’s mission is to create beautiful books, and they are widely successful. If you are a Mac user, this software is the best way to give your book a top-class interior format, and it’s so simple to use, experienced authors can do it all in fifteen minutes! As an author who spent at least twenty hours formatting his first book in Microsoft Word, that is definitely a game changer.

What Features does Vellum Offer?

Interior Formatting and Design

Estimated Time Saved: 10-15 Hours per book!

File conversion

Instantly generate the proper ebook file for Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, a standard epub, and more. This can be a huge lifesaver, since trying to convert your ebook yourself using Calibre or another program could result in many irritating changes and errors.

Ebook Previewer-Preview your book on vellum the way it will look to your readers when viewing the final version from a device.

Estimated Time Saved: 1-5 Hours per book!

Marketing Features

Box Set Generator-Use Vellum to combine your series into a box set to sell as one.

Insert links to your website, retailers, and social media

Estimated Time Saved: 1-5 Hours per book!

In short, Vellum is a huge time-saver, especially for a first-time author!


It’s no wonder that Vellum is considered by many authors to be the best formatting tool out
there. However, despite it’s incredible features, it does have a couple downfalls.
1) It’s available only on Mac.
2) It is expensive, ranging 

From $200-250
Vellum is definitely an investment, but if you’re serious about your career as an author, it is a good one.     

The good news is, if you’re not sure about whether or not it’s the right choice for you,
Vellum offers a free trial. It is free to download and use, and you only need to pay once you’re
ready to publish.

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