Top 5 Fantasy Art Inspiration Sites

Top 5 Fantasy Art Inspiration Sites

Need some new inspiration for a character or setting in your novel?

Struggling to break through a writer’s block?

Scrolling through stunning pictures of fantasy art is a great way to get those creative juices going, and to paint a clearer picture in your mind of how your characters and world look like.

Here are the best places to find fantasy art:

1) Pinterest

Pinterest has one of the web’s largest collections of online pictures and art, including a massive horde of fantasy inspiration. You can easily narrow your search to find exactly the character or place you’re looking for, such as “Red haired Barbarian woman” or “Ice-breathing golden dragon.” In addition, you can save your favorite pictures as “pins” on a board, which can be helpful when it comes to organizing your story. For instance, you can open a board for your main character, pin all the pictures you think best fit them to the board, and go back to it for reference whenever you need inspiration.

2) Deviant Art

Deviant Art is more of a platform for artists to display their portfolios. They claim to be the “worlds largest online art gallery,” and have much to show for it! On Deviant Art, you can find the best artists the fantasy world has to offer.

While Pinterest and Deviant Art are the largest, here are more websites worth checking out:

3) Art Station

4) CG Society

5) Fantasy Gallery

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