Organizing Your Story With Scapple

Organizing Your Story With Scapple

Organizing Your Story With Scapple

The key to writing books quickly and efficiently is good organization. Without it, you run the risk of dangerous inconsistencies and plot holes that readers despise. This can get tricky, especially in long, books with an extensive roster of characters.

One way to organize your thoughts and ideas is using a storyboard.

If you’ve ever seen a detective show, then you’re familiar with the classic scene: Hundreds of sticky-notes stuck onto a board and connected with strings as the sleuth tries to piece together the mysterious story. The same idea works for writers as well. Piecing your outline and notes together in a simple, visually-appealing manner can improve your writing quality immensely. That’s where Scapple comes into play.

Scapple allows you to create a simple, drag-and-click storyboard. Write your notes, copy and paste pictures, and organize them by order and relationship to keep track of your story. 


You can watch it in action here

Or, just try it out with their free trial.
Check out Scapple here, and start building your storyboard!

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