6 Amazing Tools To Use While Writing Your Fantasy Novel

6 Amazing Tools To Use While Writing Your Fantasy Novel

Ready to write your next Fantasy novel? These tools are there to help get those creative juices pumping and to make sure you can focus on finishing your book without worrying about all the irritating roadblocks authors usually face (Writer’s block, grammar editing, blanking on a word, etc…). Even better, most of them are completely free!

Tools To Build Your Story and Overcome Writer’s Block

  • Having trouble thinking of the next character or scene? Need a bit of inspiration? Reedsy’s Fantasy Plot Generator is a fun tool to bounce ideas off of. Equipped with one-million different plot-starting ideas, you can use their program to break through the good ol’ writer’s block, or get the idea for your next book project!
  • Need help building your complex and detailed world? Try using the Fantasy Worldbuilding
    Guide. They provide a detailed, step-by-step system of how to perfectly plan your world in thirty
    days, with a different assignment for each day.
  • Need help thinking of a name for your fantasy protagonist? The Fantasy Name Generator is here to your rescue! Just tell them what race your character belongs to, and you’ll find as many names as you’d like!

Tools To Help You Find the Write Words

  • Every writer knows the irritating feeling of blanking on a word. You have the exact picture in your mind, but can’t seem to find the word to describe it. That’s where the Reverse Dictionary comes in. Instead of inputting a word to find its definition, in this dictionary, you input the description of the scene in your mind, and the program will give you the perfect words to describe it!

Tools To Edit Your Writing as You Go Along

Tired of breaking your head trying to find all your grammar and spelling mistakes? Here are some tools to help you edit on the go:

  • ProWritingAid is the perfect editor, and is a tool which every Author should be using. Correct your spelling, grammar, and writing style easily on the go without breaking or disturbing the flow of your writing. It’s like auto-correct on steroids, and is the best writing-analysis software out there. ​
  • Hemingway App will help you sharpen your writing, highlighting repetitive words, passive voice, and chunky sentences. ​

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4 thoughts on “6 Amazing Tools To Use While Writing Your Fantasy Novel”

  1. These are fantastic tools, thank you!

    I’m going to check out the world building assignments now.

    1. Glad to hear you found them useful! They really are great tools, our team uses them all the time (:

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